Best Weight Loss Diets for 2014

weight-watchers Here’s the top three of the best weight loss diet!

Any weight loss diet promises that you will lose weight. How much, how easy, how fast, and what side effects – these are all things but they often lose sight of. For this reason, a group of 22 Americans recognized experts in areas such as nutrition, obesity, food psychology and chronic diseases analyzed 25 of the most popular diets and have ordered a top, according to several indicators: short-term effects and long term ease in keeping regime, nutritional balance of menus, health safety and whether or not followed by diabetics.

Are you not curious to find out who took the best places on the podium?

Weight Watches -

First prize goes to a diet very popular in the United States , which requires compliance with daily maximum scores . Weight Watchers Diet ” works well in the short term and long term , but does not guarantee it will work to everyone, efficacy was rated as moderate . There is a time limit to be kept and eaten you can eat anything as long as I shall make it a daily target points to which you are entitled , it based on sex, weight, height and age. Food scores awarded are calculated over 40 000 meals from basic ingredients to dishes with high processing (such as spaghetti bolognese ) , the latter weighing hardest to points, which mean that the need to eat less . However, raw fruits and vegetables have zero points , so you can eat in unlimited quantities .

• eat anything, no quantitative limits
• Maximum flexibility in compiling menus

• ‘s tedious to keep track of points
• Can be expensive

Advantage : ” gobble up ” fruits and vegetables. They scored zero and are rich in fiber, which means it fills you better than a chocolate bar or a bag of chips.
Avoid : Do not overdo it with alcoholic beverages : a small beer , 330 ml , ” costs ” 5 points .


Biggest Loser Diet -

Six weeks to eat healthy and do sport is not just a great way to start a diet long term , but also to prevent or control diabetes , reduce the risk of cancer and mental illness to you improve health in general. Loser Diet is based on the fact that we eat awry and the chair too much, so that the resolution is not at all a surprise healthy menus , with fewer calories and more vegetables , lean meat and cereals , using a food diary and program regular motion. All this I find in a book dedicated . You can buy short edition in 2005 , the
the exhaustive ” 30 – Day Jump Start” , published in 2009 , or the intermediate sizes in 2010. All contain success stories of former contestants from reality TV show ” The Biggest Loser ” ( here is broadcast on TLC) , which managed to weaken using some food pyramid , plus some exercises that help to sweat some of calories .

• healthy nutrition
• no food in excessive quantities

• relatively more exercise
• quite expensive

Benefit : Keeping a diary of what you eat. It will help you to not forget your main goal : weight loss.
Avoid : Do not overdo the red meat . If you want more protein replaces beef turkey .


Raw Food Diet -

It’s a low-calorie diet , that aims Improving the health , including losing excess weight, and care for the environment . The idea is that raw food contains valuable nutrients and natural enzymes , active , which will help the body burn unnecessary storage and work better. Diet is not ” cast in stone ” but only enforce an important principle : 70 % -80 % of food should not be prepared at a higher temperature of 45 ° C. Most people who take this diet are vegans , but there are raw food advocates consuming unpasteurized milk , raw milk cheese , raw fish or large – nat and some uncooked meats . Otherwise, the dominant food are vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts , vegetable fats . Some are consumed as such , others have cooked . Why lose weight , however, with
raw food ? Since caloric consumption decreases by about half compared to the food cooked , baked and roasted . But there is plenty of health risks : poisoning and bacterial infections , poor growth and development in children , deficiencies of various nutrients to all ages .

• fruit and vegetables dominate the menu
• Weight loss is guaranteed

• long and tedious preparation , special equipment
• many rules to be followed

Benefit : investing in a blender, a juicer and a juice machine dehydrated vegetable . Dehydrated apples and I – NANC them as chips.
Avoid : anything is processed , baked long , microwaved , irradiated, genetically modified. It also avoids the fruit and vegetables treated with herbicides and pesticides.


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